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#tbt to when I went to the zoo for like 2 hours 🐫🌴 (at San Diego Zoo) Throwback to the best weekend @riomacfarlane #tio #riff #coachella2013 #riogrande #ilikecats #nothingsuspicious #indieaf (at El Indio De Tijuana Taco Shop) Missing Phi Phi Island Day on the bay🚣 @isipaydar (at Mission Bay) Thankful for this good hair🍆🍗

Me this summer taken by biffle Ali 

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Venice Me and my bestie Rio skating in Venice yesterday Coachella 2012. Best weekend of my life. Kauai #2  Kauai (: viciouslyree:

das my best friend 

wuvwuvwuv you<3^ oh hay!